Greeting from Jumonji High School.

Hiroko Hashimoto
Jumonji High School was founded in 1922 by Koto Jumonji and two other women with a strong desire to provide girls with more educational opportunities in order to increase their contribution to society. The educational goal of most girls' schools at that time was to nurture and prepare their students for becoming a good wife and wise mother. Therefore, since it was founded, the school philosophy of Jumonji High School has been very different from other girls' high schools.

The philosophy is explicitly expressed in its school song, "Live as a person with the purpose of contributing to society, and to train ourselves academically and physically".
Koto Jumonji herself practiced this philosophy in her life with the Jumonji spirit 自彊不息:keep training oneself to achieve one's goals. Currently, the Jumonji School Foundation consists of a kindergarten, junior and senior High Schools and the university which is located at a separate campus. All students of the Jumonji School Foundation, including high schools, study based on the school philosophy with the Jumonji spirit.

We welcome in particular students who are willing to study hard to work in an international environment in the future and/or to become experts in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and in other challenging fields in order to contribute their life to society.

Although confident and assertive young women and girls are not usually welcomed in Japanese society, I am always encouraging all Jumonji students by saying, "Girls, be ambitious!".

Hiroko Hashimoto, Principal of Jumonji High School