English Club Christmas 2018

Gingerbread House Kit
Icing is used as mortar to hold everything together.
Next is decorating.
It looks great!
Good job!
There was so much to eat, so we invited all of the other teachers to come enjoy some gingerbread. It was very sweet!

Every year, English Club has a Christmas party. Last year we played games and exchanged gifts, but this year we made Gingerbread Houses! We used Gingerbread House Kits from Costco because gingerbread is very difficult to find in Japan. Basic gingerbread is kind of like cake with ginger flavouring, but there are also gingerbread cookies, which are much harder (you might know the Gingerbread Man from the movie Shrek). We used the harder cookie version, along with icing, to make our houses. There were four groups and each group did a very good job!
Maybe you can enjoy Christmas with us next year!